Strategic Peacebuilding

The Center for Peace, Conflict and Elections – CPCE, focuses on Strategic Peacebuilding to foster long-term peace where it works – Where Peacebuilding is the holistic concept that embraces, creates, and supports the whole range of processes, techniques, and phases required to turn conflict into more sustainable, peaceful partnerships. Peacebuilding can include conflict prevention; conflict management, conflict resolution and transformation, and post-conflict reconciliation are all aspects of peacebuilding.

Peacebuilding becomes strategic when it occurs over time and at all levels of society to form and maintain ties between people on a local and global scale. Strategic peacebuilding brings together individuals and groups at the grassroots” (community and religious groups, grassroots organizations, and so on) with politicians and power brokers (governments, the United Nations, corporations, banks, etc.) It seeks to build societies, institutions, policies, and relationships that are better equipped to maintain peace and justice.

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