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Strategic Peacebuilding

The Center for Peace, Conflict and Elections – CPCE, focuses on Strategic Peacebuilding to foster long-term peace where it works – Where Peacebuilding is the holistic concept that embraces, creates, and supports the whole range of processes, techniques, and phases…

Promotion of Democracy & Good Governance

CPCE strives to conduct public education, civic engagement, trainings, capacity building, media campaigns and outreach programs that spearhead the promotion of good governance and democracy.

Research and Policy Analysis

Research to create policies, scientific research, advocacy on the themes of peace, conflict and elections, research publications, academic conferences and seminars and to deliver policy advice to different stakeholders through our research.

Supporting & Monitoring of Elections

CPCE supports state actors and civil society organizations, enhances the participation of women, youth, elders and citizenry on political processes, advocates for democratic reforms, transparency and accountability of institutions as well as election monitoring.

Climate Change and Green Earth

CPCE denotes that Somalia is subjected to a variety of climate extremes such as droughts, flash floods, unpredictable rainfall, increasing temperatures, cyclones, sandstorms, dust storms, and so on. The aforementioned issues are recurrent in nature and are indicative of the serious…

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